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Non-review of a very exciting thriller

Pines - Blake Crouch

I hate, loathe, detest reviewing Kindle books. It's clunky. How should I know which bookmarked passage is mine? I have to look all over the damned place and usually end up annoyed so I can't quote the good bits.

That's why I've never reviewed my Goodreads friend Blake Crouch's eerie thriller PINES. It's set in Idaho, which is scary enough for me right there with all the right-wingers and Mormons (please don't shoot me), in an imaginary town called Wayward Pines *cough*Coueur d'Alene*cough*. It's a http://tinyurl.com/kqk4rwr$2 Kindle purchase today.

It's worth twice that and more. It will keep you clicking the next button until way past your bedtime.