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Digging In - Loretta Nyhan

**I own this Kindlebook, so if anyone wants to borrow it, send me a PM with your Amazon-account email and you're welcome to it**

I read and enjoyed this paean to the overweight, overtired, overworked Average Soul taking up space the Skinny Bastages think is rightfully theirs in a shrinking economy.

At almost every turn, I felt the severe pain of the older worker not yet eligible for retirement (forget about able to afford retirement, very very very few ever will be so blessed) but labeled Not Wanted by the irritatingly chipper and voraciously ambitious backstabbing little twidgees snapping at our heels.

At every turn, I felt the agonies of the partner left behind (the love of my life died 26 years ago come May and no, I'm not over it and frankly don't expect to be) as she moves on willy-nilly with life. Not living, just life. Lying down and waiting to die sounds so good...but...nope, just can't, it feels too much like something our departed love would be really, really pissed off with us about.

And I was *revolted* by the slavish fad-following seen at every turn!

But I want a chocolate beet cake. Like, you know, NOW.