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It ARRIVED!! W00t!!

Heraclix & Pomp - Forrest Aguirre

My pre-ordered hardcover of Forrest's novel arrived! The jacket is *gorgeous* in person. 


Forrest quite kindly offered me a review copy of the book. I declined because I'm unlikely to enjoy the phauntaisee nawvelle conceit too terribly much. I ordered one for the same reason I ordered a tree-book copy of FUGUE XXIX: The man's a class act, a good literary netizen, and makes some very euphonious sentences.


In other words, I support the careers of artists whose behavior earns my approval. Wes Chu, Edward Lorn, Jim Thane, Scott Nicholson, Peter Tieryas Liu, others whose public actions are in line with the kind of class and quality I want to see, I never ask for freebies nor would I take them. It's hard enough to do the work of writing. I'll express my thanks with my book-buying budget. (And just maybe the occasional review, if y'all ask real pretty.)