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[REBLOG] A List of HWA's Anti-Anonymity Petition Supporters (or, Lorn goes all ethical and shit)

Reblogged from Lornographic Material:

Supporters of HWA's Anti-Anonymity Petition: Rocky Wood (Dean Rockell Wood), Joe McKinney, Catt Dahman, RD Teun, Hank Schwaeble, Del Howison, Caren Widner Hanten, Allyson Bird, Al Barrera, Stephen Biro, Chris Lori Abbey, Robert Walker, Sean Lewis. Each one has expressed their distaste for anonymous reviewers in one form or another. 


Currently (and this is the horrible part) there are only two active members of HWA who're speaking out publicly: Michaelbrent Collings and George C. Cotronis. If you come across any other members of HWA who have publicly expressed their concerns about this petition, please leave their names in the comment section below. 


I will update the list as things get better or worse.


To the authors listed in the first paragraph: I do not do this to instigate a fight. I do this because I value my rights to anonymity as much as you value your own. You cannot expect to run yours mouths and not be called on it. In other words: Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.