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Brilliant writing advice from a guy who died before even *I* was born (by a month or two)

Hell in Boxes: The Exploits of Lynn Lash and Foster Fade - Lester Dent, Will Murray

Camp NaNoWriMo starts 1 April! Anyone who has never done the impossible and written an entire 50,000-word novel in 30 days should, just this once, give it a shot. Believe me, it doesn't need to be good. It just needs to be done.


In the run-up, I'm blogging about books and websites that offer help, guidance, tips, instructions, and general support.




Lester Dent died in 1959. He used a manual typewriter, he wrote longhand, he (in other words) WORKED for every word he wrote. And he wrote a gracious plenty of them. Ever heard of the Doc Savage novels? He wrote a boatload of 'em. His writing formula was reblogged on Moorcock's Miscellany nine years ago. It still works. Read all about it!