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Predators (Love is Always Write) - Clancy Nacht Rating: 3.5* of fiveThe Book Report: Men express desire, need, passion in many ways, not all of them immediately centered around sex.I know! I was gobsmacked too.Levi is a high-powered, Master of the Universe-type bond trader who is in love with a man whom he knows only as Feral. There is no biography attached to Feral. Not much to Levi. What we know is Levi sees himself as powerful, and offers full power over his body, his heart, and his spirit to the serene, unhurried, masterful Feral, submitting himself to tight rope-bondage with a hungry joy, a needy bliss.The story feels like an urban fantasy.My Review: More erotic than sexual, this is a tale of men whose intimacy isn't simple, whose desires aren't ordinary, and whose lovingkindness would cause most people to stare in befuddlement.This is an extraordinarily cinematic piece, full of gorgeous visuals and tantalizing sounds. Anybody know any filmmakers? This could be someone's breakout film festival entry. It lends itself to so many levels of storytelling.Hell, I can't do this justice. If you read this quote, which is the heart of the story, and you don't want to read the rest, it's not for you.Poor you.“You only know a predator has been watching you when you’re about to be eaten. You have no idea what they do unless they have made themselves obvious.”The statement was odd enough to be mildly disturbing. “What do they do the rest of the time?”“They wait until they’re hungry enough.” That odd smile again. “Until then, you still belong to them. You’re protected by their greed. They will not allow any other predators to scoop you up. That makes you safe, see?”Levi raised a brow. “Until they eat you.”