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Frieze Frame - Cari Z. Rating: 3.9* of five, rounded up cause what the hellThe Story Description: Another day, another kick in the ass by that stupid horse. You would think that after all these thousands of years I'd be okay with imprint of a horseshoe on my backside but I have to tell you it's getting old. If I had it to do over, I think I might reconsider telling my king's mage she was so grotesque she could freeze a man (and apparently a horse and chariot) in stone.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's 'Love is Always Write' event.My Review: Three thousand years is a long damn time to wait for your first fuck with the man you're in love with. I've felt like it took three thousand years for some of the more skittish ones to say yes, but in boring reality not so much.I have a whole new appreciation for statuary. In fact, I'd like to apologize to the David for the loudly lascivious thoughts I had for three days spent staring at his perfect marble ass in Florence. Dude...if you can hear me...I meant every word, but I'd've said it nicer if I'd known.And isn't that what a good story does? It reorients your awareness a little. In these 8,700 words, Cari reoriented me a little, and did it in a smiling, teasing, jocular way. It was fun, and I don't often get to say that about a read. Take a risk! Read the story, it's free here on Goodreads, and it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone. Give it a whirl.