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The Dangers of Fairy Compacts (Love is Always Write) - Katey Hawthorne Rating: 3* of fiveThe Book Report: Aeron the faerie is not his father's favorite child. Aeron is a faerie screw-up, little loved, and little loving of his fellow fae. One fine day, the voice he's heard in his head since childhood grows so loud that he can't ignore it anymore, and he follows it into the mortal realm.There he meets Tam, a priest and the owner of the voice, who has summoned Aeron from Faerie to the mortal world with a binding spell.Except he didn't know that's what he was doing. And he completely freaks when he sees Aeron.Aeron spends a week in a tree, waiting for Tam to invite him in from the cold, and when Tam finally does, the boys are kept apart by Aeron's fury and Tam's guilt at summoning Aeron against his will. However, as both are comely lads and inclined to favor the male gender, things take their due course and the consummation devoutly to be desired occurs. Yay!No! Because in the course of inter-, things are revealed that cause problems and big ones for Aeron. Once those are sorted out, assuming they can be, Aeron can be his own man...errrmmm, faerie...and then who knows? Will he choose to return to Tam?My Review: One entire star off for heavy-handed vegetarian silliness.I don't normally like phauntaisee, as anyone who has read my reviews will recall. The appeal here is the sheer delight of wingsex. (Read it, I ain't explainin' in public.)The author's polished prose pleased my mental ear, and her inventive riffs on the prompt she got from the contest were beautifully done. If she'd left out the vegetarian gubbins, I'd happily have given this effort four stars. Those who think and eat low on the foodchain will no doubt overlook this disrespect for the work and effort of our ancestral humans, but I take a stand against the foolishness.At all events, a pleasant 17,000 words, and more will come, I feel sure.