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Just Be - Jason Huffman-Black Rating: 3* of fiveThe Book Report: A beautiful, buff boy-babe lies tied to crisp white sheets. He's perfect, tanned, groomed, manscaped...his genitals are tied tightly...his body is in the throes of complete release.His master is his opposite. He is a fuck-up, a loser, a nobody you'd cross the street to avoid. And he creates art from the pain of his perfect, beautiful sub, his gift self-given, and his redemptive passion floods their private head-space with heat. And light. And transcendent joy.My Review: In 1400 words, the whole reason pain turns men on is played out from both sides. That's not an easy feat.Some details don't quite make it, and would need to be looked at again. There are some word choices that aren't quite up to the standard set by the author's fearless imagination. But these are quibbles. If you were ever in your life curious about the giving and receiving of pain as an act of love and sexual gratification, read this. You'll understand.