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The Right Attitude to Rain - Alexander McCall Smith Rating: 3 disappointed stars of fiveThe Book Report: Isabel Dalhousie, moral philosopher and newly reawakened lust-pot, entertains her American cousin and her husband in this third installment of the Sunday Philosophy Club series of novels. Much happens, all of it spoilery, but one big thing occurs here: Isabel finally asks her younger musician friend and lust object, Jamie, to bed. He, unsurprisingly, says yes.Isabel does this because almost everyone in her world spends the whole book saying, "So! Boinked Jamie yet? He's obviously hot for you, what'cha waitin' for?" or words to that effect. The Big Event At Last!My Review: And what happens when love thwarted becomes love consummated? Remember Moonlighting? Before Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis Did The Deed, it was sparkling, witty, and fun; after, such a snooze it shoulda been available only by prescription.Same ol' same ol' here. This book isn't *bad* but...there is something just too expected, or something just not suspenseful enough...it's just not fully engaging, like the first two are. But things will get better next time. I know they will.They HAVE TO.