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A Memory of Wind - Rachel Swirsky,  Sam Weber A MEMORY OF WINDRating: 2* of fiveThe story of Iphigenia, sacrificed by her father to Aphrodite, so the fleet carrying the Greeks could leave port. She has a very modern sensibility, does this Iphigenia, demanding the right to be happy and marry someone she loves.This is codswallop. I doubt anyone goes to their death happily, but demanding things no woman of the time was likely even to conceptualize because it wasn't part of the universe they knew? Hm.Oh, and Achilles is straight.THE MONSTER'S MILLION FACESRating: 3* of fiveIn a future time, perdaughterkind is able to heal your emotional wounds by making new memories that, like all memories, are not "real" (an unhelpful construct when it comes to memory anyway) but feel real to the healed. This is done to begin healing from traumas inflicted in the course of being alive. Then, as one would expect, it's down to therapy to integrate the new memories into the patient's worldview and begin to make life work better for them.Of course, the abuser is a man. The victim is, too. It's clear but never stated that the abuse was sexual. Frankly, I'm sick of this.EROS, PHILIA, AGAPERating: 2* of fiveAdriana's father messed with her, and so she's all messed up, and she's rich so she buys herself a sex-slave robot and has the manufacturers make him look like her father.Yuck.