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Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter - Tom Franklin Pearl Ruled: CROOKED LETTER, CROOKED LETTER by TOM FRANKLIN (p96)Rating: one grudging star of fiveTedious sentences telling a tired old story in an unfresh way. Carolyn twisted his head harder, and Larry pushed at her arm but she had his hair and he told himself not to cry. Then she slammed his head down, hard, onto his desk. Everybody laughed so she did it again.He stole a sideways look and saw her face. He'd never been that angry. He didn't think he had the ability to summon such anger, or the right. With her other hand Carolyn grabbed his arm and twisted it so he fell out of his desk, The Shining landing beside him on the floor.This fight is important. I could not possibly, even upon making an effort, be less interested; also, the stupid and incredible (in the original sense) stuff about the kid thinking those thoughts while a girl is beating his head against the desk just finished off my willingness to go any further into the story I already didn't like.Plus I do not ever wish to read the word "nigger" again. I was raised by a mama who smacked me when I said it as a four-year-old. "Daddy says it!" I protested. "If you can't learn to be better than your daddy, you won't be much in this life."Maybe I'm not much in this life. But I don't use that word or its horrible ilk. And I don't hang with people who do, even in books.