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Beautiful Ruins: A Novel - Jess Walter Pearl Ruled Rating: 2.5* of five (p88)Story of romantic love at first sight ranging from 1962 to the present, and involving a staggering amount of cluttered narrative and facile, stereotypical characters.The writing is perfectly serviceable, though without any distinguishing characteristics. It's like those MFA bores all are. I put this down three hours ago, and already I had to look up the main characters' names: Pasquale and Dee Moray.In 10 minutes, I won't remember either one.That is a big problem to have with a 337-page book.PS: note to the review police...I don't care that you think I shouldn't have rated or reviewed the book because I didn't read the whole thing. Don't message me privately, and don't leave comments, as I will simply delete them.