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The Vampire and the Bear - Deanna Wadsworth Rating: 3.5 amused stars of fiveThe Story Description: He couldn't believe the human had come to his aid. He needed to get rid of him immediately! The government goons would be here soon and the human would only be a bloodstain on the ground. He looked at the human again and fought the surge of lust he felt for him. He had to protect him.15,700 words, paranormal, and free.My Review: Charlie chuckled. "You're barking up the wrong tree, sister. You got nice hair and tits, but I like cock. Big, juicy, dripping cock. Ain't got no use for a pussy. Or the Cause."If that quote leaves you cold, bothers you, or offends you, pilgrim pass on. But if, like me, you like to snicker, chortle, laugh out loud, and still get a tickle in the naughty bits when you read erotic fiction, take a chance on this one. It's free here on Goodreads.