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The Devil's Hearth - Phillip DePoy Rating: 3* of fiveThe Book Description: Fever Devlin leaves his university job to return to his home in the Georgia Appalachians, prepared to confront the ghosts of his past. But his arrival is greeted with the discovery of a body on the porch of the family cabin -- a corpse that turns out to be a half brother Fever never knew existed.The truth about the murder and the secrets surrounding Fever's life remain hidden in the determined silence of the locals. He must sort through his quirky family history -- where an adulterous mother, an unnamed father, a secret diary and a priceless church relic become the pieces in a puzzle of grim awakening and dark suspicion.It takes the brutal murder of an old wood-carver to expose the festering secrets of this mountain community where the dead tell no tales -- and a killer plots to ensure Fever joins their eternal silence.My Review: So. Further proof the hardest reviews to write are the “yeah, it's okay” ones. It's not horrible, it's not excellent, it's not fascinating, it's not repulsive.Would I read another one? Yeah. Will I seek another one out? No. Fever Devilin (what a dumb name) is not my bestie, like Gamache would be if he was here. It's better than ~meh~ and not as good as it should have been. I liked the folktales scattered around. The secrets, when revealed, aren't all that interesting or surprising. The second murder made me mad, which is why I kept on at all.