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All I Did Was Shoot My Man (Leonid Mcgill Mysteries) - Walter Mosley Rating: 2.5* of fiveThe Book Description: In the latest and most surprising novel in the bestselling Leonid McGill series, Leonid finds himself caught between his sins of the past and an all-too-vivid present.Seven years ago, Zella Grisham came home to find her man, Harry Tangelo, in bed with her friend. The weekend before, $6.8 million had been stolen from Rutgers Assurance Corp., whose offices are across the street from where Zella worked. Zella didn't remember shooting Harry, but she didn't deny it either. The district attorney was inclined to call it temporary insanity-until the police found $80,000 from the Rutgers heist hidden in her storage space.For reasons of his own, Leonid McGill is convinced of Zella's innocence. But as he begins his investigation, his life begins to unravel. His wife is drinking more than she should. His oldest son has dropped out of college and moved in with an ex-prostitute. His youngest son is working for him and trying to stay within the law. And his father, whom he thought was long dead, has turned up under an alias.A gripping story of murder, greed, and retribution, All I Did Was Shoot My Man is also the poignant tale of one man's attempt to stay connected to his family.My Review: Horrible person that I am, I won this book in a LibraryThing giveaway in DECEMBER 2011 and somehow never posted a review.Probably all for the best, since I thought this book was a hot mess. Too much going on, too little attention paid to too many variables, and as a series entry it fell on its keister. The scatteredness means that the sense of building up to something that a series should have is missing.Leonid runs around and brings justice where it's overdue. In the process we meet every single person, criminal or ex-criminal, in Manhattan. Yay, and boo. Why I should know about some of these wacky ex-crims is beyond me, and because Mosley is chopping and changing the narrative so much, it's just too much for my two-volt nervous system to absorb and call it "pleasure reading."There's a line in here about success making Leonid crave a Coney Island...chili cheese dog with onions...and that, for me, sums the book up: Filling processed food-like substance for the brain, but plan on sleepin' alone because the aftereffects are noisome.