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The Yard

The Yard - Alex Grecian Pearl Ruled: THE YARD by Alex Grecian (p67)This is its star:I started getting annoyed when, at the beginning of chapter 2, Colonel Sir Edward Bradford, Commissioner of Scotland Yard, calls the sleuth into his mahogany-lined office and proceeds to make no sense at all for several pages. The sleuth is confused, too, and there appears to be no reason we-the-readers should give the ass of a rat about this little tete-a-tete.Then came the who-cares italicized narration of the bald man, who killed the victim. We're told so in the first 20pp, I am not spoilering. The other thing I'm not is caring.Then on p67, a clue is run down by the sleuth and the forensic scientist, but the forensic scientist says it's not really a clue, they're just being thorough, and I frankly became so disgusted with this amateurish, ramshackle mess of typing that I was physically unable to force my eyes to focus on the first sentence of chapter 10.There are point-of-view issues. There are credibility gaps. There is a numbing expectedness in each character's responses and reactions. Well, as you can tell by my one-star rating, I am not impressed and I am not happy to have spent this time in this fashion. I don't recommend it.