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Screwing the System - online short

Screwing the System - online short - Josephine Myles Rating: four very hot-and-bothered stars of fiveThe Book Report: Cosmo is a twenty-two year old aspiring musician. He needs, according to Society, a job. He feels that being a musician is a job, albeit one with no steady pay. So, to keep his government largesse coming in, he goes on job interviews...and to keep himself from getting employed, he uses a subtle signal of his Otherness: Wrists he's rubbed raw himself with rope. No one asks him back after he shows his signal of deviance! Well, until now....Alasdair is a fortyish entrepreneur with a successful bathroom maintenance business. And a severely broken heart. When silly little Cosmo shows his bondage marks, Alasdair doesn't flinch so much as pounce. He shows himself as a real dom, not a poser, as he gently examines Cosmo's wounds and comments censoriously on the idiot who doesn't know how to tie his sub up.WTF!! Cosmo, scared as hell and excited as a kid at Christmas and horny as a virgin in a porn store, takes the first steps into his adult life. He is a sub. His body demands he give himself to Alasdair and make his dom the center of his sensual world.With sweet and romantic results. Needs meet, needs get met, fears get overcome, and happiness is spilling over...My Review: ...for now, anyway, since these guys are a generation apart. It's one helluva gap, even when both sides are reaching out and stretching to meet each other somewhere middle-ish.But in 13,000 words, the author brings readers directly into the world of dom/sub relations, and does so with a simplicity and an emotional honesty that's refreshing. Doms, the real ones anyway, are always making sure their subs aren't in danger of harming themselves, and aren't in emotional danger. At first, that happens a lot; then as trust and familiarity grow, the men are more and more in tune. In daily interaction, I've known more tender and loving couples in dom/sub relationships than in ordinary ones; this is clearly prefigured in this book.So it was a pleasure to read this for me, old retired dom and intergenerational daddy that I am, on so many levels, and I can't wait to find this writer's other works! I hope, Ms. Myles, you'll come back and fill in Cosmo and Alasdair's love affair, which has such sweetness at its heart.