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Today is both Easter and April Fool's Day, which I find humorous and apt. Out of some 70 reads this quarter, I didn't find something I thought was even a candidate for my annual 6-stars-of-five read. Lots of MM romantic stuff this quarter due to 1) my Young Gentleman Caller being generous enough to give me lots of Kindlebooks and b) my unwillingness to stay in this reality for any length of time. Fortunately the YGC is still searching for clues about what this whole I-want-men thing is all about and wants to read and discuss everything we can find. Given the gap in our experience levels, he's chosen to turbocharge his flight into the future by asking lots of questions and listening to the answers. This is the most fun I've ever had with a young man.

SFFH reading also progresseth apace. Space is the place, alright. I read all the source stories for the new anthology series PKD's Electric Dreams on Prime, which I liked. The stories were heavily adapted and, in the original form, were often pretty close to unreadable because they were so dated. But Isa Dick Hackett, youngest of the great man's daughters and producer of the series, worked alchemy on her father's ideas and made them fresh again. She also toppled one of the industry's sexual harassers. Chip off the ol' block. The Netflix series Altered Carbon was a lot of fun, and a re-read of the book left me awed afresh by Morgan's twisty brain in action. Artemis was a bitter, bitter disappointment. Jazz felt unpleasantly boyish to me.

I began emptying an old bin full of disintegrating paperbacks by choosing some of the ancients that had been adapted into movies. Often the books were...um...not great and the movies were...um...seriously not great. I'm staring at you, Sangaree. Interesting how no one called this one out for brownwashing a previously white savior into a halfbreed Spaniard...in GEORGIA! In the Revolutionary period when Florida was SPANISH! ::eyeroll::

Plenty of Pearl-Ruled pablum. I record the ones that piss me off. The boringboringboring ones I ignore. In a world where anyone can self-publish dreck why are publishers still doing it? And I came to the realization that Seanan McGuire and I are chemistry-challenged when I **HATED** Rosemary and Rue so much that I was ready to heave my Kindle at the wall. Luckily, the YGC was here and caught it. It's my fourth try at one of hers and I have never made it even halfway through one. Feed...gag...was the all-time record-holding worst McGuire read. I threw the tree book away.

Picture books and me have had a great year so far. Allen Say's biographical Silent Days, Silent Dreams was a revelation, and his prior autobiographical works of being a young Japanese immigrant to California barely post-World War II were just as gorgeous and moving. Tom Gauld continues to delight and amuse. The genre will never be my first choice but I am slowly shedding my long-held disdain for comic books and kiddielit.

The world lost one of its under-recognized leaders. Ursula K. Le Guin died at 88. I read a collection of her blog entries, No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters and was most poignantly moved by it. I will bow to none in my appreciation for literature's educational possibilities. I'm the offspring (Dr. Freud, please consult on a slip: I typed "oddspring" since "d" is next to "f" on my keyboard and stared at it for a while considering leaving it) of lunatic-fringe rightwingnuts. LeGuin's fantasy stories started me down the path of questioning WHY the world was going to hell, and reaching the conclusion that it was already hell for anyone who doesn't look like me. Basic human decency led to rejecting more and more of the underpinnings of the world as it is in no small part because of UKL's didactic art. She made me. I miss her.

Lastly, politics. I hate 45 and his kakistocracy of deplorables. Nothing is better in the US today than it was on 8 November 2016, a day that shall live in infamy. Since this is inarguably true to people with IQs in the positive range, it need not be discussed. How this fucking nightmare began is worthy of discussion and I read several books alleging to probe this from different angles. I came away more depressed. The Democrats are spineless wussies who deserve to lose, but the alternative is government by the least, the last, the most unworthy and embarrassing ammosexuals in the country. So read On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century and at least learn what the vile Russian agents controlling what was once a sovereign government, flawed but ours, have in mind for you. Then try to sleep.